Memes are not the only kind of content that can go viral.

Of course, Meme Marketing is one of the best things that happened in the marketing space.

But they are not the only “text overlayed on an image” type of content that can bring good engagement.

There is another content type and they are called “Quotes”.

While many brands and businesses have adopted quotes as a part of their content strategy, there are many brands and businesses that haven’t considered it yet.

Well, if you are considering it, good decision.

But you haven’t started designing and posting quotes, yet? That’s ok. Continue reading…

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Get Unlimited Social Media Graphics

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Posting quotes on Instagram isn’t about posting a motivational one when you run out of content ideas.

It’s about posting something inspiring or funny or fact or philosophy..but it has to be relatable to your brand.

Why Quote Posts Matter & How Businesses Are Using Them

Posting quotes can help you share a deep connection with your audience and humanize your brand.

Embedding quotes in the Instagram marketing strategy also brings in variety in the content types that you post.

And most importantly quotes tend to bring in more engagement, and engagement is something we and even the Instagram Algorithm love.

With quotes you can motivate your audience to do a workout (if it’s a fitness-related brand), you can make them smile, and you can educate them by sharing quotes from top industry experts.

Foundr posts 95% of “Quotes” on their Instagram account and 5% of repurposed YouTube videos.

All these quotes are quotes from successful people and entrepreneurs around the world. Their business is to help entrepreneurs by teaching skills via courses, blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

Nike’s brand value is all about sports and inspiration.

They have made this point very clear since the beginning. And so here is a quote post from Nike:

Garyvee uses quotes to inspire his followers. He has created a huge personal brand on Instagram and his quote posts get tons of likes and comments.

It doesn’t always have to be motivational. Look at how Myntra, a fashion brand used the latest trend (IPL 2021 – Cricket Tournament) and posted a funny quote (tweet converted into an Instagram post) but still relatable (last-minute outfit).

Look at how a mattress company called Wake Fite used a quote just to promote their product (indirectly):

How To Create Or Design Quote Posts

By now you might have understood that many brands are using Quote posts to entertain, motivate or even promote their own products. Now, let’s see how to design them.

Find a quote that you are looking to design for.

A simple Google search with the keywords related to your niche will give you tons of quotes.

Choose one. But choose one that relates to your brand.

If you have a brand in the fitness niche, posting quotes about the importance of health or motivational workout quotes would make sense.

If your brand provides a cleaning service, posting quotes related to hygiene and cleanliness would make sense.

In my case, I’ve chosen: “A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it”. No, I don’t have a coffee shop, but I love coffee.

Now, open your favourite design tool. You did? Ok…1,2,3..Go

Work On The Background

Background can be an image, solid colour, or gradient.

It depends on what you want to choose with the resources you have. This is the image I’ve chosen to design a quote post.

I can write the text on the image, which is what almost all quote posts are about.

But I want to choose a background as a solid colour and place the image like this (image below) so that I’ll have enough space to write the text.

It’s your choice to choose which style and I just don’t like to write text on the image in this case.

Work On The Text

I chose the background colour.

I’ve placed the image already.

I just need to place the text in the right way and make the post look good.

I chose Circular Std font for the text. And I’ve added a big quotation mark at the top to indicate that it’s a quote.

Add Visual Assets

The design looks good to me already. But the goal of this step is to make it a bit better.

And how can we do that? By adding some design elements. See the final design:

I have made the curves of the photo smooth and added a rectangular border to the image.

I didn’t mess with the text part as it already seemed good to me. Done!

Final Design Tips & Thoughts

Adding visual assets can be pretty tricky and complex sometimes, which is why I don’t use an online tool like Canva. I’ve designed this post in Adobe Photoshop.

This entire design process is pretty similar to the 6 step framework that I’ve talked about before.

And talking about the way of designing a quote post, it’s not just about writing a text on an image. There are many different layouts that you can try!

Note: If you are looking for Instagram Quote PSD templates (Posts + Stories), you can buy them here.

So, it’s just a matter of creating variety in terms of design but maintaining that visual consistency at the same time to match your Instagram aesthetics. Here are some final design tips:

  • Always keep the design simple. To achieve simplicity always use fewer fonts (not more than 2) and colors (1-3).
  • Choosing your brand colour as the main background colour is a good strategy to fit your post well in the grid.
  • Instagram Stories are a good way to drive attention. So, convert your quote post into a story and share it.


As you might have seen, Instagram quote posts aren’t just a filler content type, and posting them is a good way to generate engagement.

Post quotes related to your brand and design them in such a way that it matches your brand aesthetics.

That’s it! Thanks for reading.


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