If you are a complete beginner in designing or trying to switch from Canva to Photoshop, here is how you can start learning photoshop to create social media posts.

Learn Photoshop

Start with Youtube. Obviously, it’s not a secret that Youtube is the modern college. I’ve learned everything (design, 3d modeling, marketing, etc.) from Youtube.

Talking about the basics of Photoshop, I’ve written a beginner’s guide on that topic. So, that guide will help you on what tools you should learn first to get starting in social media designing.

Once you get the hang of it, get ready to be a copycat.

Copying Is Ok

Yes, copying is Ok. But only when you are just learn from it and not using the design as your own, online.

Go to Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social platform and try to find some designs that look cool to you. Now, figure out how you can create the same. Just practice replicating the designs that you see in Photoshop.

It took a lot of time for me to transition from “creating a design in a few hours” to “creating a design in few minutes”. My personal record is I designed 10 posts for a personal trainer’s Instagram account (fitness niche) in just 2 hours. I didn’t get paid for that, but that’s another story.

So, take it slow. That’s ok.

Get Better At It

Now that you can copy designs, it’s time to design based on your own ideas. You can get inpsired from other designs, but don’t copy paste.

That’s ok, but how do I know what images should I choose, which fonts I should use & when, how to create backgrounds, etc. That’s when my blog will help (I hope it does). Or you can simply search on Google or Youtube, for specific topics or doubts (that’s what I did when I was learning).

But before that, I want you to read the 6 step framework to design social media posts so that you’ll have an idea of where to start.


The learning curve of Photoshop is pretty steep. But to design content for social media, you don’t need all those features and tools that photoshop offers.

Make sure you follow all the steps and check out all the references I’ve linked in this article. You’ll be good to go.


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