Imagine you are attending an event. Generally, you get a ticket via email with your name on it, or worse it’ll just be a physical ticket, without your name on it (even worse).

The thing is you can’t do anything with it, once the event is done, which is why we have NFT Tickets.

But in this article, we are gonna go one step ahead.

And talk about NFTs that you earn, only when a certain milestone is reached or a certain action is done by you like attending an event.

They are called POAP NFTs or even referred to as Attendance NFTs.

What is POAP

POAP aka Proof of Attendance Protocol is the Protocol (also a company POAP Inc.) that created POAP NFTs.

The primary purpose of POAP is to provide unique and verifiable proof that an individual attended a particular event or participated in a specific activity.

How does POAP do that?

POAP achieves this by issuing NFTs (Obviously) to participants.

Because these tokens are unique digital assets that are stored on the blockchain and cannot be replicated or modified, users will have untamperable proof.

Each POAP NFT represents a specific event or activity, and it is associated with the participant’s wallet address.

Warner Music Group (WMG) was one of the big brands that have collaborated with POAP.

Kevin Gates had incorporated POAPs into his Khaza Tour, making one available to fans who attended his show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on April 16th.

“The bridges that POAPs forge between our digital identities and our physical lives provide a tangible layer to our experiences and memories,” said Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, WMG.

These digital memorabilia or mementoes give holders bragging rights to the places and events they have been to.

How Does POAP Work?

So, how do these creators or companies drop these POAPs, aka make them available for the attendees to mint them?

It can be done through QR codes, specific URLs, direct delivery, or by using a secret code.

Event organizers decide on this depending on the event audience’s size, privacy concerns, and how much fun to add to the collecting process, before deciding how to distribute the NFTs.

For example, During NFT NYC 2023, Jeremy Booth wore a jacket that had an NFC chip that allowed guests who encountered Booth at NFT NYC to claim a free POAP.

Using the POAP platform, you can decide on the creation and delivery of your POAPs.

POAP’s Data Advantages

The data aspect of POAP offers significant advantages for both event organizers and participants alike.

By leveraging blockchain technology, POAP enables the collection and analysis of valuable data without compromising user privacy.

This data can be instrumental in enhancing participant engagement, fostering community connections, and driving future event strategies.

For event organizers and brands, POAP provides insights into participant behavior and preferences without requiring the collection of sensitive personal information such as age or gender.

Organizers can access data points such as the number of events attended by each participant, the diversity of events attended, and the specific items collected by individuals.

These data insights empower brands to tailor their marketing efforts and loyalty programs effectively.

For example, brands can identify loyal participants who have attended multiple events and reward them with special perks or exclusive offers.

This creates a tiered system akin to a loyalty rewards program, where participants are incentivized to engage with the brand repeatedly.


POAP NFTs revolutionize event memorabilia by offering attendees verifiable digital proofs of attendance, enhancing memories and community connections.

Through partnerships with entities like Warner Music Group, POAP bridges digital identities and physical experiences, while also providing valuable data insights for event organizers and brands to enhance participant engagement and loyalty.

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