NFTs have revolutionized the way we think about the concept of digital ownership. And all thanks to this beautiful technology called blockchain.

Because of that blockchain, we were able to mint NFTs, and make that piece of art or music unique.

And in this article, I am gonna give you 7 NFT minting tools that can help you take your things to the blockchain, without you even having to write a single line of code. Yup, these are no-code tools.

What Does NFT Minting Mean?

Minting basically means turning your regular stuff into special, unique tokens aka NFTs. So, whenever you heard of someone saying ‘I minted an NFT’, what that means is that they created a unique token on the blockchain.

Imagine you have a cool digital drawing you made on your computer. You want to make it super special by turning it into an NFT.

You can write the smart contract, and run into on the Ethereum blockchain to turn your art into an NFT. Or

You use an NFT minting tool to do this instead of writing the code.

Think of it as a magical machine that takes your digital drawing and turns it into an NFT.

So, NFTs and NFT minting are all about making digital things special, proving they’re yours, and letting others buy and sell them.

NFT Minting Tools

These no-code NFT minting tools are like super easy-to-use apps or websites that help you turn your digital stuff into NFTs without needing to be a computer expert.

And going with NFT minting this way, is less stressful, saves time and you can focus more on creativity instead of worrying about the code and minting infrastructure.

1. Beuno Art

Bueno has quite a few no-code tools for NFTs creators, starting from generating the art to minting the NFT collections.

Whether you want to drop a limited edition or an open edition, or generate tons of NFTs in seconds, or even mint your NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon, Bueno has got all the tools you need.

They also have the pricing model of ‘pay only if you sell’, which means you can deploy your smart contract for free.

2. Dropspace Art

Dropspace Art is tool using which you can easily create and launch your own unique collection of digital assets in just a few simple steps.

With this innovative platform, creators can effortlessly showcase their digital masterpieces, whether it’s artwork, music, or files. Easily customize collection details like descriptions, size, and pricing, and choose when to mint and launch your collection to a global audience.

This tool supports Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

3. Zero Code NFT

As the name itself suggests, you can mint NFTs with zero coding skill, with this tool.

The features of this no-code nft minting tool include low-gas smart contract, pre-sale list (also called allow list or whitelist), delayed reveal, royalty and revenue splits, airdrops, and more.

Without having to pay anything, you can test your smart contract and mint NFTs for free. You can pay when you are ready to go, and it costs $499.

They support 10+ different blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

4. OneMint

OneMint is the go-to NFT platform for creators, offering a suite of no-code tools that make generating, deploying, and minting your NFT collections a breeze.

This no-code tool empowers you to take control of your NFT journey. With features like smart contract deployment on popular blockchains, an intuitive NFT Art Generator App for non-coders, and the ability to create fully customizable NFTs, it’s the ultimate platform for unleashing your creative potential.

Manage access with the Access-List Manager, encourage user engagement with dynamic, upgradable traits, and enjoy time and cost savings while maintaining robust security.

OneMint simplifies NFT creation and management, ensuring that anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can thrive in the world of NFTs.

Their pricing starts from $199 (for 1000 NFTs) and you need to pay more depending on how many NFTs you want to mint. They also have 3 passes and each of them come with different pricing and features.

5. Auto Minter

With AutoMinter, you can enjoy fast, secure, and safe minting through ready-made mint pages, either on the platform or embedded seamlessly on your own website.

Engage your community with Early Access Lists and airdrops, fostering excitement and rewarding your most dedicated supporters.

What sets AutoMinter apart is its commitment to decentralization, being owned by its users through the $AMR token, ensuring creators can also earn $AMR while using the platform.

With features like an intuitive Art Generator, Access Lists for controlled minting, adjustable rarity settings, IPFS hosting for decentralized artwork files, delayed reveals, customizable minting pages, ownership of your smart contract, and effortless airdrop management, AutoMinter offers a comprehensive toolkit to transform your creative vision into a thriving NFT collection.

If you want to depoly your NFTs on Polygon, this is the tool to go for, because it’s completely FREE.

6. HeyMint NFT Launchpad

With a commitment to making web3 accessible to everyone, HeyMint provides user-friendly tools that guide you through the entire journey.

You can preview and test your creation before it goes live, ensuring confidence in your project.

With HeyMint, you can effortlessly bring your project to life with their NFT art generator, allowing you to upload artwork, set layer order, and define trait rarity.

Your artwork is securely stored in decentralized file storage, ready for minting. Customizing your smart contract is a breeze; you can configure details for presales, public sales, and custom mint buttons with ease.

The minting functionality is where HeyMint shines, offering a mint button embed feature that seamlessly integrates with your website, ensuring a branded and cohesive user experience. HeyMint’s code snippet is compatible with popular platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and WordPress.

Standard features include NFT Art Generator, unlimited customized smart contract generation, custom mint button embedding, complete ownership, marketplace readiness, NFT pre-reveal, allowlist management, presale, and public sale settings, royalty percentages, and much more.

7. NFTs2Me

With NFTs2Me, you can dive into the world of digital collectibles effortlessly.

Their no-code Digital Collectibles Toolkit equips you with everything you need to launch and nurture your NFT project, from generative art creation and smart contract deployment to minting page customization and advanced dashboard management.

You can use their intuitive designer to create your collection, define metadata, upload assets, set optional prices, and deploy your contract, whether it’s ERC-721 or ERC-1155. They also provide users with a custom minting page and widget, giving you full control over your project’s look and feel.

The dashboard empowers you to monitor earnings, track collection stats, manage your smart contract phases, adjust token prices, create whitelists, and execute airdrops.

Our free NFT launchpad simplifies minting for your users, offering intuitive minting pages that you can customize to align with your branding. You can even embed the mint button on your website for a seamless user experience.

NFTs2Me also offers versatile features like flexible payment options, immutability through non-upgradeable contracts and IPFS, minting behavior customization, backup and restore functionality, and more.

And the good part: Automatic support for any EVM chain.

8. NiftyKit

NiftyKit is the ultimate no-code solution for NFT creation, making it effortless for creators and teams to mint, manage, and sell digital collectibles, from art and music to game assets and membership tokens.

NiftyKit simplifies the NFT journey with customizable drops, secure contracts, and an embedded mint button for your website.

Share earnings seamlessly, unlock creative potential with apps, and offer exclusive content to your NFT holders. Control your assets, build a waitlist, and create a thriving NFT community, all with NiftyKit’s intuitive platform.

Their pricing is monthly, and it starts from $49.99/mo.


The emergence of no-code NFT minting tools has turned the NFT minting process easy, allowing creators to focus on art, utility and other important things rather than coding.

These tools offer user-friendly solutions for minting and managing NFT collections, catering to both beginners and seasoned creators. With various pricing models and features, they empower artists to bring their digital creations to the blockchain with ease.

I hope you found your favourite tool!!

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