If you are someone who is quite active and posts a lot of stuff on Twitter (like Donald Trump used to) rather than other social platforms, you might be thinking how do I express myself on other platforms?

Well, it’s not that easy to be active on all social platforms, which is why you should be repurposing content.

What do I mean by that? Tweets –> Instagram stories, posts, Linkedin posts, Facebook posts, etc. (well, you get the gist).

Get Unlimited Social Media Graphics

And grow your social media

Get Unlimited Social Media Graphics

And grow your social media

So in this article, we will explore how to convert your tweets into beautiful images optimized for Instagram and LinkedIn, two of the most popular social media platforms.

Why Share Tweets On Other Social Platforms

Sharing tweets on other social platforms can have numerous benefits.

Firstly, visuals are known to capture people’s attention and increase engagement by encouraging likes, comments, and shares.

Additionally, sharing your thoughts in a visual format can foster a more personal connection with your audience, making your content more relatable and memorable.

Furthermore, every time someone sees your tweet post on LinkedIn or Instagram, they will recognize you visually as an individual who shares their own thoughts.

This recognition can also drive more traffic to your Twitter account through these platforms.

Finally, sharing your tweets on other social platforms can help you reach a wider audience that may not have seen your original tweet.

Choosing The Right Sizes

Now, before converting tweets into images, there are some ideal sizes that you need to follow. choosing the right image format and size is crucial for ensuring that your image looks great on different social media platforms.

For example, Instagram prefers images with an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square), while LinkedIn prefers images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 1.91:1.

But I’d say, ignore all of that. And follow this:

1080*1080 (Square Size) is the standard one, and 1080*1350 (Portrait Size) also works for all 3 socials (FB, Insta, and Linkedin).

My suggestion: Go with square one for all socials. The portrait size is useful when there is a lot of text and long images. Here is an example of how I use both sizes for my socials (in this case, Instagram):

One issue with using 1080*1350 on Instagram is, the way the post appears in the grid:

That doesn’t mean the end of the world but just saying.

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Online Tools To Convert Tweets Into Images

Yup, there are tons of online tools that are waiting for us to use. These tools range from websites to mobile applications.

Tweet2Pic Mobile App





Code Beautify

Pika Style


Designing Your Tweet Image

Yes, these tools are amazing. And because we are using only online free tools, you might not be able to get the branding you wanted.

And that’s where you need to use a design tool like Canva, Photoshop, or Illustrator can become very handy.

You only need to follow these 3 steps to take the design to the next level:

1. Start With The Right Twitter Image:

You need to have a tweet image to start the design with. It can be a screenshot or an image generated from the online tools above. Maybe start with Tweet2pic.

2. Choose (Or Create) An Amazing Background:

Now, because my web3 brand color is violet, I’m gonna go with a simple background color.

So, here are the steps I am gonna follow in Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Create a 1080 px * 1080 px artboard on Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create a square with my brand color.
  3. Import the Twitter image.
  4. Mask the image (remove the sharp black corners).
  5. Add a white border to the tweet image

That’s it! Done. Here is the final design:

You can go with gradients too. Alternatively here is how you can create one in Canva.

3. Incorporate your branding

Now the final step is to incorporate branding. Because most of the content I create is memes, I’ve opted out of my branding. Generally, you can add a website or logo on the top or bottom corners.

Best Practices For Sharing

When it comes to posting your tweets on other socials, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same day that you tweeted. What you wrote on the bird app is a timeless tweet, then share it on different socials at different times of the same day or even on a different day.

Use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to automate posting. Another thing to remember is to use relevant hashtags and pair those with minimalistic captions (you want them to read your tweet, not your caption).

How Creators & Brands Are Doing It

Many creators like Gary Vee and brands like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts post tweet images too on other social platforms, but of course, in their branding and visual style.

Here are some examples for you:


Tweet images can be a powerful way for brands and content creators looking to engage their audiences on social media.

By creating visually appealing tweet images and sharing them on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, brands and content creators can increase their reach and connect with their followers in new and meaningful ways.

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