So you’ve already realized the value of using templates for your social media content creation process. Of course, you have, that’s why you are reading this article.

A template can save a lot of time for content creators and designers. Unlike Canva or Snappa, Photoshop doesn’t offer any templates to start your designs with. But that’s ok. I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I am gonna talk about how to find free social media templates. To be precise, “FREE Social Media PSD Templates”. So I’ve done my research (also called googling) and find out these 10 websites that are the best when it comes to providing free social media templates in PSD format.

But before diving into those very useful resources I want to make some points clear.

How To Find The Necessary Templates

Now, of all the websites I’ve listed in this article, some websites don’t have a search bar. Or at least it’s not working well. That makes it hard to find the templates that we need. Because we can’t just keep scrolling all the pages to find the templates that we need.

But don’t worry. There is a way.

So if you want to find a fitness-related Instagram story, all you need to do is this:

site:websitename.com Keyword (or Sentence)

And that keyword/sentence can be Fitness Instagram Story or FREE Instagram Fitness or… You know what I mean.

So, let’s experiment on Envato Elements.

Note: Envato Elements have paid templates and their search is working better. But I am using it just to explain “how to search for stuff that you need”.

Without using the search bar of Envato or any other website, this is how you can find the stuff that you need from a website via google.

What about the sizes?

Let’s say you are looking for some Pinterest pin templates. Well, you can’t always find those templates in the size that Pinterest recommends (2:3 ratio).

But maybe you can find the templates that you’ve liked in the websites I’ve mentioned but they are maybe Instagram templates (1:1 ratio) or Facebook post templates (1.91:1 ratio).

That’s ok. Don’t ignore the templates that you’ve liked just because they are not in the size that you want. You can always resize those graphics in Photoshop. For that, you can read this article.

Ok, Let’s go to the list of free websites now.

1. Freepik

Food, Shelter, Clothes, and, Freepik are the basic needs of a designer. It’s hard to find designers who don’t use Freepik. I use it for icons, stock images, vector files, and, backgrounds mostly to use them in my designs. But they really do have a good number of free social media templates. Just make sure you set the search filters to “Free” and “PSD”.

And yes, they do come in PSD.

2. FreePSDTemplates.com

The name of the website clearly says what you can expect from this website. What’s more interesting is this website does have a separate category for free social media templates. And the search works very fine.

But like I’ve said, check out their other sections too as we can always resize them to our needs.

3. Inspiration Feed

This website gets more than 2M+ visitors every month. That gives us a glimpse of how many free design resources this website has. A must-check website for some cool free PSD templates for your social media.

This website list outs free templates via articles where you can find the links to free templates that are available on other websites.

4. Brandpacks

This website has templates that support both Illustrator and Photoshop. While most of these templates are paid (you need to have a membership) they do have some free templates which you can find via the link I’ve given (in the heading section).

They have very few free templates. But hey, something is better than nothing, right?

5. Freebies.Fluxes

This website also has a few social media templates. But they do have some amazing mockups (mobiles) that you can try in your social media designs.

6. Free Design Resources

FDR or Free Design Resources is one of the best “free design templates” websites you can find on the internet for your social media needs.

This website also does have some amazing UI kits, mockups, attractive graphics, 3d elements, fonts, etc.

7. Pixel Design

This website does have some amazing free flyers (you can convert them into social media sizes), mockups, and a few social media templates.

8. ElegantFlyer

Similar to Envato Elements, ElegantFlyer is a membership website that gives access to premium templates for its members. But, lucky for us. They do provide some free templates too.

9. Creativetacos.com

This is also a membership website for premium templates. And as you might be expecting they have some amazing free templates. Just search and you’ll get what you want (most of the time).

10. Template.net

Although they provide premium templates that you can directly from the site and download (PAID), they also have some amazing free PSD templates. See if you can find what you want or not/

Some More Websites:

Although the websites that I am gonna mention here are not great for social media templates, you can still find the graphic assets in PSD format that you can use in your social media designs.


Everyone loves free templates. Because they are Free. But sometimes you may not find what you need. If that’s the case, you need to create your own templates or buy some premium templates based on the situation. Basically what I’m saying is don’t depend completely on the free templates.

I hope the resources I’ve mentioned in this article are useful to you. Thanks for reading. See you in another blog post.


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