Text plays a key role in social media designs. After all, we use social media to communicate the message to our audience. And fonts determine how good the text looks.

But the real struggle comes when we have to pair fonts. Don’t worry!

Because I have brought you the list of 21 “already working” font pairs that you can use in your social media graphics.

But before that, I want you to know some things about pairing fonts (I’ve already talked about this in the typography article. You can check that for some in-depth typography concepts and tips).

Font Categories

Pairing fonts ain’t an easy task. But there are some rules (or hacks) that you can follow. Before that, I want you to have a clear understanding of what the basic font categories are and what they represent.

Serif: Safety, History, Tradition, Respect.
Sans Serif: Clean, Clear, Minimal, Friendly.
Script: Feminism, Elegance, Personal, Unique.
Display: Big, bold, and quirky fonts that are mostly used for headings. Best for small amounts of text.

Every font has a personality and a certain message it conveys. Just consider the purpose of the font in the design. Is it to show feminism? To attract viewers?

Is the font needed for the body text? Ask yourself these kinds of questions when deciding what font to use.

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Now, let’s get to the rules.

Pairing Fonts

–> Pair a serif and a sans-serif font. Use a serif font for the heading and a sans-serif font for the body content. Or vice versa.

–> Pair a bold font with a lightweight font.

–> If you are struggling to find fonts that complement each other, pair fonts within the same family with different weights. And skip a weight when choosing fonts from the same family to create a typographical contrast in the design. Gotham Black & Gotham Regular.

–> Pair a decorative font with a simple font. In the image below, I paired Lobster(script font) with Gotham Light.

Basically, the simple formula here is opposites work well in font pairing. Simple with bold, serif with sans serif, etc.

For example, I use the sans-serif font: Aku & Kamu (for headings – Bold) as the main font. I pair that with another quality sans-serif font with a strong geometric type “Circular Std” (body text, subtle, minimal) in most of my designs.

Although both the fonts are sans serif fonts, the pairing worked because I paired a bold one (Aku & Kamu) with a lightweight one (Circular Std Regular). If you are using fonts from the same family, then play with weights.

That’s it about fonts. But here are some things that I don’t want you to do while pairing fonts:

  • Don’t use more than 2 different fonts in your design. If you have to, use the same fonts but with different weights.
  • Never go with all caps for a script font. Try this and you’ll thank me later.
  • Always keep the heading size larger (more than 2x).
  • Play with weights. Avoid using “Black” and “Bold” weights in sentences.
  • Follow your eye. Check if the fonts helped to make the design look visually appealing or not.

It’s all about finding a pair that looks appealing. And it shouldn’t look something like this: (A height weight one paired with a display font (which is also a heavyweight one).

25 Best Font Pairings For Social Media

Here is a list of some font combinations for your next social media design:

1. Playfair Display – Open Sans Regular (Google Font Pairing)

2. Prata – Roboto Light (Google Font Pairing)

3. Abril Fatface – Lato Regular (Google Font Pairing)

4. Gibson Bold – Adriane Text

5. Roboto Bold – Drioid Seriff Regular

6. Bebas Neue – Lora Regular

7. Gotu Regular – Open Sans Light (Google Font Pairing)

8. Permanent Marker – Raleway (Google Font Pairing)

9. Futura Condensed ExtraBold – Merriweather Regular

10. Cormorant – Montserrat Regular

11. Bebas Neue Regular – Source Sans

12. Crimson Text Regular – Lato Regular

13. Lemon Tuesday – Glacial Indifference

14. Brittany Signature – Raleway Light

15. Jimmy Script – Athiti Regular

16. Proxima Nova Regular – EB Garamond Regular (Google Font Pairing)

17. Gilroy ExtraBold – Roboto Regular

18. Gotham Black – Gotham Regular (Same Typaface)

19. A Love Of Thunder – Circular Std

20. Arvo Bold – Open Sans Regular (Google Font Pairing)

21. Oswald Bold – Raleway Regular (Google Font Pairings)

Typography Tip: Don’t use a script font in the upper case.

Your Turn!

Now that you know how to pair fonts, and what font combinations should be like, and you have the list of some best font pairings, it’s time to start using them in your designs.

Let me know how’s that going and also comment on some more font pairings that I’ve not mentioned in this article.


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