I was able to bring in 900+ visitors via Google to my blog every month consistently without having to push any new content. I only wrote 39 articles over the period of 2 years (I think so!).

Getting almost 1000 people to my website, felt like an achievement. A small win.

And that’s what I am gonna talk about in this article.

Content Strategy

All the articles that I wrote are directly/indirectly related to content creation, with the main focus being “How to design content for social media”.

Now, how did I even start writing? What was my strategy??

First of all, I didn’t do any keyword research.

I just asked myself, what are the common pain points or problem-solving solutions that they are gonna Google, from both the perspectives –> freelancers and clients?

Some ideas are –>

  • How do I find the right designers for my business’s social media accounts? –> Client’s perspective
  • How to design social media graphics that grab attention –> Freelancers who are looking to level up their design skills.

From this, the ideas went on and on, and one of the key goals of writing for that blog was to show my authority in the content design space. 39 articles are enough? Maybe not, but it’s still something.


Once I saw that my blog was getting some traffic (500+ visitors), I tried monetizing the content with Ads. And I’d say that didn’t go well.

500 -1000 visitors per month are nowhere near earning decent money from the blog. Of course, I should have known that. Anyway, this is how much I’ve earned in a month. $2.63

Overall, the site wasn’t doing well, financially. But there is a reason to that. No Enough Content!!

If I had put my efforts into creating more and more, based on the keywords I was already ranking for, the earnings would have improved for that.

That’s because organic traffic compounds over time even with the same amount of writing effort. What do I mean by that?

If you had gained 1000 views per month with 40 articles in the first 6 months, your blog has the potential to get 5000 views per month in the next 6 months, by writing 40 more articles. Obviously, the numbers aren’t accurate, but you get the point.


I hope this gave you a good idea of what to expect in terms of traffic, earnings, and the amount of time it takes to impress Google.

Also, I’ve shared a few lessons I’ve learnt during my blogging experiments here.

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