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Chief Meme Officer

Memes are one of the best ways to engage the Web3 audience. Nobody is ready to hear the technical details directly. And the best way to make them hear about your project is to start with Memes. Entertain, to keep them hooked.

Long Form Articles

From writing about what your product or service does to explaining clearly how it can benefit the target audience, I can produce long-form content with the goal of conversion.

Samples: 001, 002, 003.

Social Media

Instagram. Crypto Twitter. LinkedIn. TikTok Videos. Whatever the content platform is, whatever the content format is.. I’ve got you covered.

And also, regular engagement is the way to grow on socials.

Links: 001, 002, 003.

Who Am I?

I’ve been in the Web3 space since 2021 working as a content creator and creating content in different formats for different platforms. Have worked with a few web3 companies/products to improve their brand via content. Hoping to working you!

Web3 Companies I've Worked With.....


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Email: sujithgodavarthi@gmail.com