NFTs are on a wild west. We have seen some insane pump and dumps, 100x, 1/100x, scams, and whatnot.

But you know what? Most parts of the world haven’t even heard of NFTs and we barely even scratched the surface.

Nevertheless, the trading of Solana NFTs on marketplaces doesn’t look like it’s gonna slow down. Up only? IDK.

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But if you are into NFTs and playing the degen game, then there are some NFT tools that I think can probably help you make better decisions when it comes to investing in those JPEGs.

These tools can help you with knowing upcoming mints, tracking whales’ wallets, finding rarity, NFT ownership distribution, and more.

Ready for these tools?


Let’s say you already know the wallet address of a whale (A whale is someone who holds a lot of NFTs – a big buyer) or a friend of yours. You want to know what NFTs he/she is holding.

Now, all you just need to do is paste their wallet address on NFTEyez and, Ta-Da!!

Hey, but how do I find the wallet addresses of Solana NFT whales?


Yes, Howrare (as the name suggests) can be used to check the rarity of an NFT. All you need to do is search for a particular NFT collection and enter the IDs of the NFTs that you own from that collection.

Note: Solrarity and Moonrank are famous alternatives when it comes to NFT rarity checking.

But there is some more interesting information you can find on HowRare. I am talking about “Upcoming Drops” and “Whales of Each NFT project”.

By whales of each project, I am referring to the wallet addresses of most NFT holders in a particular collection. Search for a collection (or choose any top collection from the homepage) and click on the owners’ count.

All good, till now??

Now, choose any top wallet address and use NFTEyez to find what other collections that wallet holds.

The wallet I searched for, holds 74 collections. That means I get to know more about the 73 collections that I haven’t even heard of.


Previously known as Solanalysis, Hyperspace also features all the NFT trade stats that can help you make better decisions. From upcoming mints to top collections and most active wallets, it provides all the data you need.

You can click on any wallet address to find all the NFTs the wallet holds.

Magic Eden Stats

Magic Eden, the most popular Solana NFT marketplace has a section of stats on it’s website with “Collections Breakdown” and “Marketplace Breakdown”.

What caught my attention is the advanced search feature in the Collections Breakdown. You can find NFTs based on Floor Price, Volume, Average Price, and Name using the ‘And’ and ‘Or’ functions.

Solana Floor

Solanafloor is another NFT insights tool that you can use to get more data about the NFT market.

You can search for an NFT collection and see all the stats of that project in detail. From NFT sales and volume to floor price chart and ownership distribution graph, it has all that you need.

Sol Sniper

Want to know what NFTs are being listed and sold, live? Yes, you can see the live stats here. This feature is awesome considering that you get to know what is happening in the market, live.

As can you see in the below image, on the bottom right, Great Goats is the top movers in the last 10 mins (most sales). So I applied some filters on the left side – Marketplace (Magic Eden), Event Types (Listings), and Collections (Great Goats).

And you can see the live updates in the middle. This feature definitely makes it easy to make decisions when it comes to buying fast-moving hyped-up NFT collections.

But that’s not it. Sol Sniper’s watchlist feature is also something that you should try. Add all the NFT collections that you want to invest in and observe the data, closely.

Other Tools

  • NFT Ape: This tool gives the NFT transaction history of a wallet address. Enter your wallet address to find out how much profit/loss you made with NFTs and how many NFTs you paper-handed (This tool isn’t accurate).
  • Using Twitter and Discord is a must when it comes to NFTs. All the drama and updates start from there and then spread over. So make sure you stay active and follow as many influencers as you can (just watch them, don’t trust them).
  • Solscan: It is a Solana Blockchain explorer. You can easily know not only about the NFTs but also about the tokens (NFT staking tokens) with this tool. Another tool for spying on wallets.
  • Scour: Solana NFT stats similar to Hyperspace and Solana Floor.
  • Sol Radar: One of the best tools to know the Solana NFT market movers.
  • NFT Inspect: It’s a google chrome extension that can help you find out what NFT project a PFP of a user belongs to, on Twitter.


Data is King. It helps us make better decisions. And better decisions lead to better judgment, which is not an easy task when it comes to NFTs because FOMO and FUD are quite common in this space.

Use the tools. Leverage the ocean of data that is available openly. And make calculated decisions and risks.

I hope all tools listed out helped you somehow in your NFT journey.