You already know the answer. Here are some more reasons to convince you.

If you are thinking to start a blog (to earn money), the first thing that you might have thought about is “what to write”, and what topic to choose.

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Or maybe you already have a blog and you are thinking to write on more topics so that you can earn more.

If so then you might also be thinking that writing on more topics earns more traffic to your blog and getting more traffic is equal to more money.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.

A Niche is a topic or category of blog. If you write articles on cooking, then that is your niche.

Most of the top bloggers recommend new bloggers to go with a niche blog. Why?

If you want to hook your readers with your content, you need to work on one niche, the niche in which you have some good knowledge.

Writing articles on multiple topics might confuse your audience and they won’t come back to your blog to read your content.

Creating a multi-niche blog can you make you a jack of all trades but you will be master of none.

Let’s say you have written an article on “Best SEO Strategy For Beginners”.

Let’s assume that this article has received some traffic and some of your readers have liked the content and subscribed to your blog.

For the next article, you chose travel as the niche and have written an article on “Top 10 Places To Travel Before You Die”.

Do you think your subscribers will read that too? Some might unsubscribe.

A blog’s success lies in creating content that adds value to your audience.

Although your individual articles might add value to the visitors, your overall content can’t or won’t add value, because a visitor might not be interested in all the niches that you are writing on.

Niche gives a reason to your audience to subscribe to your blog.

So you might be thinking, well there are tons of successful multi-niche blogs out there on the internet that are making money too.

Why shouldn’t I start one?

Start A Multi-Niche Blog

  • If you are doing it for fun or to just share your thoughts and are not concerned with traffic and earnings, go for it. You don’t need a particular niche to start a personal blog. This is my personal blog.
  • If you are a pro in SEO and can rank your articles on Google and bring traffic, then go for it. But, remember the traffic that your target will only be interested in only that topic and won’t read any of your other articles or won’t subscribe to your content and you might end up having terrible user metrics like high bounce rates.

Don’t Start A Multi-Niche Blog

  • If you are just getting started with blogging.
  • If you don’t know much about SEO.
  • If you don’t have a team of writers. (Yes, Multiniche can work better if you have a team and if they are writing quality articles consistently).

Why A Single Niche Blog

  • Google has an update called Hummingbird and it loves to rank niche websites. If you are writing detailed content, from A to Z, regarding a particular topic google will rank you in a better position.
  • The more focused your blog is on a particular niche, the more people your blog will reach.

Disadvantages of Multi-Niche Blogs

  • Writing articles on multiple topics will confuse your audience and google too. Google will not know what specific keywords to rank your blog for in its search algorithm.
  • Advertisers won’t know what kind of ads to place on your articles.
  • High bounce rate. User behavior is one of the most important factors to rank your blog and a high bounce rate will make it hard for your blog to rank well.

Oh! Forgot to say. Medium is a good platform(because it’s free) for multi-niche blogging.

Things To Follow While Choosing A Niche

Be passionate & consistent.

If you are looking to earn money by placing Adsense ads or with affiliate products you can always choose top money-making niches. But in the end, writing about something that you love is what matters.

Writing something on a niche that you love even if it’s a low profitable niche is way better than writing something on a highly profitable niche that’s not fun for you to write.

If you are not passionate, you won’t blog consistently. It’s that simple.

Neil Patel once said that he used to write articles every week (consistently) and suddenly when he stopped writing, he saw a 30% drop in his traffic and it took him 3 months to gain that traffic back. That’s how important it is to be consistent.

Choose a niche in which the content is not limited.

Just remember that there are tons of multi-niche blogs out there that are successful. It’s a bit difficult to see success but not impossible.

These are my thoughts on niche vs multi-niche. Thanks for reading. Hope this helped you in some way.