The YOY increase when it comes to NFT sales on Ethereum Blockchain is pretty huge. Not me, the stats say that.

If you are degen playing the NFT investing game, you know what it’s like to trade NFTs. They can moon in a day. They can die in a couple of hours. On the upside, the gains are huge. It’s a space filled with a lot of drama, FUD, and unexpected twists.

And that makes it hard when it comes to making NFT purchase decisions. But what if I say there are some tools that can help you get better at the NFT investing game?

You wanna know the tools? Well, let’s dive deep then.

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Twitter & Discord

Yes, you read that correctly!

Twitter is where all the NFT shills (promoting NFT projects) happen. People are taking an active part in promoting and talking about the NFT projects that they created and purchased and that’s how you are gonna know about what’s happening in the NFT space.

Follow as many influencers as you can and spend some time scrolling the tweets. Almost all the NFTs that I bought/sold are because of the Twitter shills.

But, you need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research). What do I mean by that?

Every NFT project will have a discord group. Read some messages in the chat and see what people are saying about the project, check out the links (most NFT discord groups have a channel “Offical Links”), roadmap, utility, etc.

My advice is to never ever buy directly from twitter considering that there are a lot of scams out there. Go to discord, DYOR, and then decide.

Make sure you click on the links in the official discord channel and don’t make the same mistake I once made by minting NFTs from a scam link (Lost 0.225 ETH).

Note: If you are wondering how NFTs are valued or where they get their value from, here is an article that should guide you well on that topic.


Remember what I said in the previous section? Follow as many NFT people on Twitter as you can. And once you get used to their tweets, shills, and judgment, it’s time to find some ETH addresses or ENS names of people that you trust.

Just spy on them. See what all the NFT projects they are minting on etherscan.io. Moreover, you can add all these addresses (maximum 25) to the watchlist and set email alerts too if you want.

But that’s not it.

Using Etherescan, you can search via the smart contract address of an NFT project and find out the distribution and holders’ data. Not sure what I am talking about? Here is a guide to using Etherscan to evaluate NFT projects.

Upcoming Ethereum NFTs

Rarity.tools is the place where you can find all the latest NFT collections.

This is great just to have a look at what kind of projects are being minted, and you can find out some important details like how many owners and total volume (in ETH) traded once you click on a particular collection.

You can also look at the upcoming collections too and then grab one (after DYOR) if you find something interesting.

NFT Calendar is another tool that you can use to find out about the upcoming Ethereum NFT collections.

The website also has a blockchain filter and that means this tool can be used to find upcoming NFT projects on other chains too.


SuperSea is a google chrome extension (works for Brave browser too) that helps you to track the floor prices of the NFT collections that you own or your favorite NFT collections.

Instead of clicking on every collection floor to see the floor price, you can just see the floor prices on your profile and favorites list on OpenSea. See the image below:

Just check the collected and favorited section in OpenSea to see the magic of Supersea.

Rarity Sniffer

Imagine minting the rarest NFT and then selling it for a small profit? That would be a pain, right? Rarity Sniffer can help. Just search for the collection on that website and enter the NFT ID that you have minted. (You can check the NFT ID from your Opensea profile).


Data is key when it comes to making decisions. CrptoSlam provides you with all the data you need, to know about what’s happening in the Ethereum NFT space.

Through the NFT dashboard you can see what collections are getting more traction (sales) and filter by last 24 hrs, 7 days, 30 days, and ‘All Time’.

This is the fastest way to know the market movers. Moreover, you can click on an NFT collection and see the sales details. This gives you an idea of how much each piece from an NFT collection is getting sold for.

Similar Tool: NFT Price Floor


Although this tool is quite popular to track Defi, it has an amazing NFT dashboard. You can see all the top collections (chain-wise – that means you can use this for tracking other blockchains NFTs too).

When you click on a collection, you get to see more details and also the social and website links of the project.

Similar Tool: BitDegree, Icy.Tools, DappRadar


DeBank, like Etherscan, can be used to track the NFTs a wallet is holding. Although it doesn’t have other advanced features that Etherscan does have, it is a simple tool that one can use to spy on wallets.

Once you search with an address (or ENS name), you can see all the NFTs the wallet is holding and you can click on the link icon which will direct you to OpenSea.

Similar Tool: NFT Bank, Rainbow, Zapper

NFT Inspect – Chrome Extension

This chrome extension is amazing. Here is why:

Have you ever wondered what NFT your favourite influencer is using as PFP on his Twitter account? Or even your friend PFP?

Well, just install the NFT Inspect chrome extension and see the magic.

Once installed, all you just have to do is click on the Ethereum (works for Solana too) icon that appears on the PFP to find out about the NFT project.

Nifty River

The best tool to track Ethereum’s hourly NFT sales (can be used for other chains too).

Some More NFT Tools:

  • Want to know what the whales are buying? Want to know what items are being listed below the floor price? There is a discord group for that. You can get that here.
  • Moby.gg: From NFT sales to sweeps, it provides all the data you need.


Making it in NFTs is no easy task. And also keeping track of what’s happening in the whole space doesn’t have to be a mundane task when you use these amazing tools.

Now that you have all the tools (for free), you just need to make calculated decisions.